Nordic Walking


Walking with a difference

Nordic walking is walking with two specially designed poles. They provide support for walkers who have balance or leg problems, much like hiking sticks. They have the added value of exercising arms, shoulders, upper chest and back while walking. This program is suitable for all abilities.

Benefits of nordic walking are:

  • Decreased impact to joints of the lower body (hips, knees and low back)
  • Most of the body’s muscles are activated
  • Greater cardiovascular workout than regular walking
  • More energy is used compared to regular walking
  • Strengthened and toned upper back, shoulders and arms
  • Muscle tension and pain is released in the neck and shoulders
  • Upright and balanced walking posture is promoted
  • Core stability is developed
  • Improved co-ordination and balance
  • Relief of stress, depression and mood fluctuations


Trained nordic walking instructor

Anyone can make a booking to join the nordic walking group. Please call (03) 8841 3000 or email

Referrals can be made by phone, fax or email (S2S, Eref).

$7 per for introductory sessions with instructor (poles provided).

Our fees are set on a sliding scale and are designed to support access for all income levels.

Difficulty or inability to pay will not be a barrier to receiving a service.

Services are offered via a range of funding streams which have varying requirements.

Please click here for more details on fees and funding.