Mindfulness Therapy


Mindfulness Therapy


Mindfulness is the focus on being aware of the present moment, and paying attention to experiences that are going on internally and in the world around you. It allows for reflection on past memories, addressing feelings and thoughts in the present, and be able to calmly look into the future. The practice of mindfulness allows the individual to simply be in the present moment, something that is often very hard to focus on with modern day busy lifestyles. Often Mindfulness techniques are used as a way of dealing with painful past experiences or stressful situations that can be quite challenging to face.

At Manningham Community Health Services Limited, we offer Mindfulness therapy in several different ways, including Mindfulness Meditation for people affected by Cancer, Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness presentations.


About the program:

  •  This is a four week group program that provides the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness meditation in a caring and supportive atmosphere
  • The group is led by an experienced Mental Health Nurse with over 35 years personal practice of meditation and experience with cancer
  • Anyone who has been affected by cancer can attend the group, whether they are a patient, carer or close family member or friend
  • Meditation is a safe and effective practice that can complement existing treatment regimes, and has been shown by research to help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life for people with cancer
  • Mindfulness meditation can improve your mood, concentration and boost immunity


About the program:

  • An 8 week program, with one session a week, for people who have suffered repeated episodes of depression or chronic unhappiness
  • Participants in the group learn a range of mindfulness exercises and skills based on Buddhist meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Participants should aim to attend all eight sessions to gain optimal benefit from the course


Our experienced staff are able to conduct introductory mindfulness presentations within the community. This allows for groups who may be interested in mindfulness to experience what it is like and understand the benefits it may have.

To enquire about any of our mindfulness programs please call us on (03) 8841 3000 or email mchs@mannchs.org.au